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Quality engineering

Is Duplication Always a Bad Thing?

tl;dr No. Well, perhaps, but it can be the lesser of two evils. It depends.

Functional iOS Testing in Swift

One of the projects we are currently working on at Shutl involves building an iOS application. The application is essentially quite simple; it acts as a client for our API, adding animations, visuals, and notifications. Testing is a key part of our development process, so when we started developing the application, one of the first
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Next-generation BDD: From Automated Web Tests to Automated Web Acceptance Testing

Last year, our Gumtree Australia team started to use behavior-driven development in our agile development process. Initially, we searched for an open-source BDD framework to implement for BDD testing. Since we work on a web application, we wanted our automated BDD tests to exercise the application as a customer view, via a web interface. Of
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