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Is Duplication Always a Bad Thing?

tl;dr No. Well, perhaps, but it can be the lesser of two evils. It depends. Disclaimer – these thoughts reflect my personal opinions and not a consensus of how the entire Shutl engineering team at eBay feels.  Full version As a software engineer, I’ve always had it drilled into my head that duplication is a
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Functional iOS Testing in Swift

One of the projects we are currently working on at Shutl involves building an iOS application. The application is essentially quite simple; it acts as a client for our API, adding animations, visuals, and notifications. Testing is a key part of our development process, so when we started developing the application, one of the first
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Next-generation BDD: From Automated Web Tests to Automated Web Acceptance Testing

Last year, our Gumtree Australia team started to use behavior-driven development in our agile development process. Initially, we searched for an open-source BDD framework to implement for BDD testing. Since we work on a web application, we wanted our automated BDD tests to exercise the application as a customer view, via a web interface. Of
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