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Next-generation BDD: From Automated Web Tests to Automated Web Acceptance Testing

by Forest Xie September 11, 2014 Testing

Last year, our Gumtree Australia team started to use behavior-driven development in our agile development process. Initially, we searched for an open-source BDD framework to implement for BDD testing. Since we work on a web application, we wanted our automated BDD tests to exercise the application as a customer view, via a web interface. Of […]

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Conference to Advance the Practice of Software Testing

by Ben Kelly June 26, 2013 Software Engineering

Want to hear what some of the world’s most talented testers think about the changing face of software and software testing? Then come to the Conference of the Association for Software Testing (CAST), where you’ll also get a chance to talk with these testers and explore your own thoughts and ideas. CAST is put together […]

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Becoming a World-Class Tester

by Ilari Henrik Aegerter January 31, 2013 Testing

 A tester is somebody who knows that things can be different. That is Jerry Weinberg’s description of a world-class tester, which reminds us that testing is about critical thinking and imagination. It is about not believing anything at face value, but maintaining an investigative mindset. Testing is questioning a product in order to evaluate it. […]

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