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Software Engineering

The Power of Perceived Performance

by Senthil Padmanabhan January 5, 2015 Software Engineering

Recent years have seen a huge influx of SPAs — Single Page Applications. Though they enhance user experience, implementing SPAs for large-scale web applications is indeed a complex task. At eBay, we faced a similar challenge when we wanted to migrate a couple of our key desktop flows (search and item pages) to an app-like experience, from […]

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Async Fragments: Rediscovering Progressive HTML Rendering with Marko

by Patrick Steele-Idem December 8, 2014 Software Engineering

At eBay, we take site speed very seriously and are always looking for ways to allow developers to create faster-loading web apps. This involves fully understanding and controlling how web pages are delivered to web browsers. Progressive HTML rendering is a relatively old technique that can be used to improve the performance of websites, but […]

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Don’t Build Pages, Build Modules

by Senthil Padmanabhan October 2, 2014 Software Engineering

We are in an interesting phase of rethinking frontend engineering across eBay Marketplaces, and this blog summarizes where we are heading. Modular programming is a fundamental design technique that has been practiced since the dawn of software engineering. It is still the most recommended pattern for building maintainable software, and the Node.js community fully embraces this design philosophy. Most Node.js modules […]

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