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eBay’s experiences with native applications, responsive web design, adaptive approaches, multi-screen, etc.

Don’t Build Pages, Build Modules

We are in an interesting phase of rethinking frontend engineering across eBay Marketplaces, and this blog summarizes where we are heading. Modular programming is a fundamental design technique that has been practiced since the dawn of software engineering. It is still the most recommended pattern for building maintainable software, and the Node.js community fully embraces this design philosophy. Most Node.js modules
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Yet Another Responsive vs. Adaptive Story

Yes, like everyone else in web development, eBay has become immersed in the mystical world of Responsive Web Design. In fact, our top priority for last year was to make key eBay pages ready for multi-screen. Engineers across the organization started brainstorming ideas and coming up with variations on implementing a multi-screen experience. We even organized
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