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Platforms, frameworks, services, best practices, etc. for managing Big Data at eBay

Griffin — Model-driven Data Quality Service on the Cloud for Both Real-time and Batch Data

Overview of Griffin At eBay, when people use big data (Hadoop or other streaming systems), measurement of data quality is a significant challenge. Different teams have built customized tools to detect and analyze data quality issues within their own domains. As a platform organization, we think of taking a platform approach to commonly occurring patterns.
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Customizing Spring Security with Multiple Authentications

  Spring Boot offers an easier way to create new web applications or web services. The Security module in the Spring framework enables us to plug in different authentication mechanisms. In some cases, we needed to provide multiple authentication mechanisms for our web service. These authentication mechanisms can be standard or custom. We had a
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A Glimpse into Experimentation Reporting at eBay

  Around 1500 A/B tests are performed on eBay across different sites and devices on a yearly basis. Experimentation forms a key business process at eBay and plays an important role in the continual improvement of business performance through the optimization of the user experience. Different data insights from these tests enable users to answer
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