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Delivering eBay’s CI Solution with Apache Mesos – Part II

May 12, 2014

In part I of this post we laid out in detail how to run a large Jenkins CI farm in Mesos. In this post we explore running the builds inside Docker containers and more: Explain the motivation for using Docker containers for builds. Show how to handle the case where the build itself is a [...]

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Delivering eBay’s CI Solution with Apache Mesos – Part I

April 4, 2014

Problem statement In eBay’s existing CI model, each developer gets a personal CI/Jenkins Master instance. This Jenkins instance runs within a dedicated VM, and over time the result has been VM sprawl and poor resource utilization. We started looking at solutions to maximize our resource utilization and reduce the VM footprint while still preserving the [...]

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REST Commander: Scalable Web Server Management and Monitoring

March 11, 2014

In the era of cloud and XaaS (everything as a service), REST/SOAP-based web services have become ubiquitous within eBay’s platform. We dynamically monitor and manage a large and rapidly growing number of web servers deployed on our infrastructure and systems. However, existing tools present major challenges when making REST/SOAP calls with server-specific requests to a [...]

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Zero Downtime, Instant Deployment and Rollback

November 21, 2013

Deployment to the cloud is an evolving area. While many tools are available that deploy applications to nodes (machines) in the cloud, zero deployment downtime is rare or nonexistent. In this post, we’ll take a look at this problem and propose a solution. The focus of this post is on web applications—specifically, the server-side applications [...]

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Validating Hadoop Platform Releases

October 17, 2012

Intern Pralay Biswas submitted the following blog post at the conclusion of his summer with eBay. Pralay was one of 120 college interns welcomed into eBay Marketplaces this summer. In pioneer days, they used oxen for heavy pulling, and when one ox couldn’t budge a log, they didn’t try to grow a larger ox. We [...]

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Cloud Bursting for Fun and Profit

March 28, 2011

Last week, I presented eBay’s cloud adoption strategy in my keynote address at the Cloud Connect conference.  The presentation was tongue-in-cheek titled Cloud Bursting for Fun and Profit, but it did make a real case for leveraging a hybrid approach to data center operations.  (“Hybrid” means a mix of public and private compute resources.) Our case study on [...]

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CloudCamp Silicon Valley at eBay

February 2, 2011

CloudCamp is an unconference (a participant-driven meeting) where early adopters of Cloud Computing technologies exchange ideas. The upcoming CloudCamp Silicon Valley on February 10 from 6pm-10pm will be hosted by eBay on our San Jose North Campus (2161 N First St, San Jose, CA 95131). This public event brings together a wide range of cloud [...]

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