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Experiences and best practices involving eBay’s private cloud

Running Arbitrary DAG-based Workflows in the Cloud

The problem We were working on a problem that involved processing workflows in the cloud. The problem was how we design a system that is scalable and fault tolerant, allowing dynamic allocation of cloud nodes to every step in the workflow. To explain with an example, imagine a workflow like the following: We need to
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embedded-druid: Leveraging Druid Capabilities in Stand-alone Applications

Co-authors:  Ramachandran Ramesh, Mahesh Somani, and Sankar Venkatraman The eBay Cloud Platform team is happy to announce the open-source project embedded-druid, which aims to provide Druid capability for a reasonably small amount of data without involving the complexity of multi-node setup. That is, embedded-druid is Druid but with a single JVM process. Background Druid is
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Performance Tuning on Quartz Scheduler

Quartz is a popular open source job scheduling library for Java Application. eBay uses it in many projects to schedule jobs. It does very well under lower load. However, Quartz runs into trouble under a heavy load. A lot of misfired triggers occur, the executor threads can’t get tasks, and hundreds of jobs get stuck in
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