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Scrum, Lean, and other Agile practices at eBay

Healthy Team Backlogs

  What is a backlog? Agile product owners use a backlog to organize and communicate the requirements for a team’s work. Product backlogs are deceptively simple, which can sometimes make them challenging to adopt for product owners who may be used to working with lengthy PRDs (“project requirement documents” or similar). Scrum most commonly uses the term
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The Zombie Apocalypse Retrospective!

I’ve written in the past that I believe that retrospectives should be a creative process, and I like to engage the brain using interesting visuals and ideas. I’ve attempted to employ this philosophy at Shutl (an eBay Inc. company) by trying to use a different theme for every retrospective I’ve run. (A recent example of a theme
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Developer Anarchy Day

Have you ever imagined what would happen if you let software developers work on what they want? Well, we did it. For one day. And here are the results… How it all began “OK, listen: there is no backlog today.” When we first heard these words from Megan instead of the usual beginning of standup,
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