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March 2013

Measuring Real User Experience with Site Speed Gauge

by David He March 29, 2013 Software Engineering

Many web performance testing service vendors, such as Keynote, offer last-mile testing data. In addition, many popular tools, such as WebPagetest, provide a convenient way to submit test cases so that you can collect large volumes of performance metrics. However, most of these services and tools are synthetic, meaning that they are not from real […]

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RaptorJS – An End-to-End JavaScript Toolkit for Building Adaptive Modules and UI Components

by Neeraj Khanna March 15, 2013 Software Engineering

RaptorJS is an open-source toolkit for building JavaScript modules and UI components that function on the server and in the browser. RaptorJS promotes modularity, which is crucial to building reasonably complex HTML web applications that are maintainable, easily testable, and optimized. The central goal of RaptorJS is to enable applications to provide the best user […]

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Fine-Tuning the eBay Technical Infrastructure: A New Methodology

by Dean Nelson March 5, 2013 Data Infrastructure and Services

I’ve been with eBay Inc. since 2009, and even just in the past four years, I’ve witnessed a significant change in the growth and importance of data centers, and the way we, as an industry, measure their efficiency. The Green Grid’s Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metric – as well as the water and carbon equivalents […]

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