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October 2012

Validating Hadoop Platform Releases

by Mitch Wyle October 17, 2012 Cloud

Intern Pralay Biswas submitted the following blog post at the conclusion of his summer with eBay. Pralay was one of 120 college interns welcomed into eBay Marketplaces this summer. In pioneer days, they used oxen for heavy pulling, and when one ox couldn’t budge a log, they didn’t try to grow a larger ox. We […]

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Bandwidth-based Experience

by Raja Bhogi October 10, 2012 Software Engineering

When designing new web pages or working on new features for an existing page, developers commonly consider the following factors: Page appearance for different layout sizes Browser-specific implementations Page behavior with and without JavaScript enabled All of the above points are valid, and developers should indeed think about them. However, there is another factor that […]

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The Case Against Logic-less Templates

by Sathish Pottavathini October 1, 2012 Software Engineering

At a conference I recently attended, two separate topics related to templates sparked a debate off-stage about Logic vs No-logic View Templates. Folks were very passionate about the side they represented. Those discussions were the high point of the conference, since I learned much more from them than from the sessions that were presented. While […]

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