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September 2012

ql.io APIs for eBay Marketplaces

by Madhura Tipnis September 24, 2012 Software Engineering

We are pleased to announce the release of eBay Marketplaces APIs based on ql.io: https://github.com/ql-io/ql.io-ebay-mp-apis We have created tables for most of the calls for the eBay Finding, Shopping, and Trading APIs. The fields required in the API calls are mapped using either EJS (Embedded JavaScript) or Mustache templates. You can use the tables as […]

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Grid Computing with Fault-Tolerant Actors and ZooKeeper

by Matthias Spycher September 13, 2012 Software Engineering

The actor model of computation has gained in reputation over the past decade as engineers have learned to grapple with concurrent and distributed systems to achieve scalability and availability. I was in the zone about a year ago developing a job scheduling framework for an application called Nebula, which we use to manage keywords and […]

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Identifying and Eliminating Extra DB Latency

by Konstantin Yurin September 5, 2012 Software Engineering

I would like to share my experiences with troubleshooting a recent issue on Oracle databases in our datacenters. While the details in this post involve batch jobs, the lessons learned can apply to any business having Oracle SQL traffic between two or more datacenters. The problem We noticed that the running time on a set […]

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