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November 2011

Announcing ql.io

November 30, 2011

We are happy to announce ql.io – a declarative, evented, data-retrieval and aggregation gateway for HTTP APIs. Through ql.io, we want to help application developers increase engineering clock speed and improve end user experience. ql.io can reduce the number of lines of code required to call multiple HTTP APIs while simultaneously bringing down network latency [...]

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Click Modeling for eCommerce

November 22, 2011

Historical user click patterns on search result pages are considered a great resource for algorithms that attempt to learn to rank search results. This ranking method is a well-studied problem in the field of Information Retrieval (IR). See Mike Mathiesonʼs excellent blog post, Using Behavioral Data to Improve Search, for more background on this subject. [...]

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Personalized Search at eBay, part II

November 4, 2011

In the first part of this blog posting, I talked about how to estimate a buyer’s propensity to purchase an auction over a fixed price item. I gave the Empirical Bayes formula f = (a+k)/(a + b+ n) for the auction propensity f which is a compromise between the buyer’s shopping history k/n and the [...]

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