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August 2011

High-Throughput, Thread-Safe, LRU Caching

by Matthias Spycher August 30, 2011 Software Engineering

A couple of years ago I implemented an LRU cache to lookup keyword IDs for keywords. The data structure turned out to be an interesting one because the required throughput was high enough to eliminate heavy use of locks and the synchronized keyword — the application was implemented in Java. It occurred to me that […]

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Natural Language Processing and eBay Listings

by Junling Hu August 22, 2011 Machine Learning

You’ve heard before on this blog about the difference between products and items on eBay: the former uses a well-defined structure to describe product information, the latter allows a seller to enter free-form text for describing what’s for sale. In order to help buyers find what they’re looking for, how can we extract relevant information […]

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