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June 2011

Merchant Integration Platform (MIP)

June 9, 2011

Merchant Integration Platform (MIP) In the fall of 2010, we began discussing ways to reduce eBay’s on-boarding cost and time for merchants. Merchants were spending too much time for the following reasons: No support for account-level profiles such as Return Policy, Shipping, Payment, and so on No support for item description HTML templates No concept [...]

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The 8th edition of Mobile Developers Guide

June 6, 2011

Mobile software development can be a challenge, especially given the plethora of tools, technologies and requirements needed to create them. There’s a great resource available, called Don’t Panic Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Galaxy, which is very popular and is now in its 8th edition. I am Julian Harty, and I’m one of the contributors. [...]

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