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April 2011

Items and Products

by David Goldberg April 25, 2011 Uncategorized

You often hear that the difference between eBay and other e-Commerce sites is that eBay sells items, other sites sell products. What does that mean? Here’s an example. On eBay, a seller lists a specific item, for example a tackle box titled “PLANO MAGNUM HIP ROOF SIX TRAY STORAGE BOX 8616 NEW”. When someone else […]

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Using Behavioral Data to Improve Search

by Mike Mathieson April 13, 2011 Machine Learning

Since 2006, “Best Match” has been the default sort order for users on eBay.  It is designed to balance the many objectives that users have on the site–for example finding relevant items to their query, scoring great deals, finding timely auctions, and locating items by reliable sellers.  For users that want to emphasize one of […]

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