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October 2010

Hadoop – The Power of the Elephant

by Anil Madan October 29, 2010 Machine Learning

In a previous post, Junling discussed data mining and our need to process petabytes of data to gain insights from information. We use several tools and systems to help us with this task; the one I’ll discuss here is Apache Hadoop. Created by Doug Cutting in 2006 who named it after his son’s stuffed yellow […]

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eBay at QCon San Francisco 2010

by Petra Hofer October 27, 2010 Software Engineering

QCon, the Annual International Software Development Conference, is taking place next week in San Francisco. We’re pretty passionate about software development at eBay, so you can usually find us both on the speakers’ side of the house as well as in the audience. This year, Randy Shoup will give a talk on Best Practices for […]

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Data mining and e-commerce

by Junling Hu October 20, 2010 Machine Learning

In the last 15 years, eBay grew from a simple website for online auctions to a full-scale e-commerce enterprise that processes petabytes of data to create a better shopping experience. Data mining is important in creating a great experience at eBay. Data mining is a systematic way of extracting information from data. Techniques include pattern […]

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